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Will Lofgren

Will Lofgren

Photography has always been an interest of mine and it wasn't until 2010 that I took it more seriously. I started to develop a passion after seeing the work of professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. From that point, determination had set in and I began to invest my time in teaching myself the technical side of shooting and getting advice from fellow photographers and friends on how to get started with gear.

I started taking photography classes as a hobby in summer 2010 at Antelope Valley College. At that time, I was finishing up an associate's degree in computer applications. After receiving my associate's degree in computer applications, I started pursuing a second associate's in digital photographic imaging. Since that time, I have seen much growth in my personal shooting and workflow process.

Recently, I took an interest in page layout. Over the 2011 Christmas break, I taught myself how to use Adobe InDesign. Just a short while thereafter, I had the privilege of being Layout Editor and Photo Editor for the AVC Examiner. I learned much during that time about working together with the team and being more organized.

I have more to learn. I’m passionate about growth in whatever I do. I don’t ever want to come to the place where I can say “I have arrived.” The problem with arriving is that from that point, you don’t go anywhere. You stop moving forward. You stop growing.

I’m thankful for family, friends, and teachers that God has placed in my life. Without their support, instruction, and counsel, I would not be who I am today!